May 23, 2017

Ranchito Painting by Cay Broendum

 New artwork has seen the dawn of day -

Inspired by "real events"

Ranchito: Acrylic and oil on canvas by
Cay Broendum
Size: H200 x W150 cm


*NEW* The painting Ranchito will also be available as Limited ArtPrints on Canvas 0/100. Size H104 x W74 ( See Art Print category for more )

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May 19, 2017

Jean-Michel Basquiat - 2017 Auction Record

 The Jean-Michel Basquiatpainting was sold to Yusaku Maezawa, founder of e-commerce company Start Today, for 110.5 million US dollar.
The sale marks the highest price ever paid for a work of art by an American artist.

for Cay Broendum artworks visit official site.

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Exoctic "Paul Newman" Rolex DAYTONA artwork

 A piece of Exotic artwork is drying in the sun this morning. 
NEW artwork by Cay Broendum soon available as Limited ArtPrint on Aluminum.

TIMELESS artworks All the TIME

May 10, 2017

The Ranchito Painting by Cay Broendum

 First Sneek Peak of the new large scale painting "Ranchito" in a series of 3 paintings.
The "Vegas Triology"

Painted by Cay Broendum / Copenhagen / 2017 - For avalibility visit Official web site.

Painting Size 200 x 150 cm / Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.

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Historis Horological Art / Watches and Art

 Historic Horological Art 

Artworks printed on Aluminium. signed and unique numbered by Cay Broendum

 See available artworks on Historic Horological Art. com or Visit

May 5, 2017

Art Fair Lausanne

If you are in Schwizerland -  Lausanne this weekend and looking for a Art experience visit

Lausanne Art Fair au Palais de Beaulieu.

You Will find art by Cay Broendum and other artist at Stand 05 -  Galerie Art Loft.

ART LOFT Fine Art Gallery
c/o Edition ART etc.
Rosenstrasse 14
CH-2562 Port / Biel-Bienne

Tel.     (+41)  032 331 25 38

Apr 24, 2017

Big Red ROLEX Daytona 6263

Should we call it "the BIG RED DATSUN" - Rolex Daytona Artwork...

For Home - Country - Office decor... Relax and Enjoy.

Apr 20, 2017

Past - Present - Future

The Best time to Buy a Original
Cay Broendum Artworkwas 20 years ago -

the Second Best time is Now...

Visit Official website for more.

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Mar 11, 2017

Watch Art

 The interesting process in understanding things seen from another perspective.

Watches don't have to be round! And a square brush can paint beautiful curves  - Enjoy.

 Watch Paintings availibility see official site.

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Feb 2, 2017

Signorina Cappuccina - Says Ciao

Some new small Coffee artworks by Cay Broendum printed on Aluminium has seen the Dawn of Day. Made for every coffee house in Rome... ;)

Good Morning Coffee Girl -Signorina Cappuccina says Ciao.

See availability og these artworks under small artworks in the right side of the blog --->

I like my coffee Black - and My mornings Bright..

Ciao -

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